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Pacific Union International is setting new standards for service, professionalism and team work in Marin County. Pacific Union has attracted many of the finest real estate agents in Marin County to join our team. These sales professionals pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge of market conditions, listening and communication skills and state-of-the-art marketing programs.

When Pacific Union began, the articulation of our brand was found in six words — “The Fine Art of Fine Property.” We felt these words expressed the essence of our service on many levels. First, we truly consider the successful guidance and attention throughout the difficult process of a real estate transaction as much an art as a science. Practiced well, it is a “Fine Art.” There is knowledge (of property, pricing and contracts), skill (in negotiating and in the handling of legal financial issues) and creativity (in advertising and marketing), all of which are fairly quantifiable (scientific, if you will) aspects of the transaction. But, there are also the “softer” aspects, which speak mostly to the emotional, caring and understanding aspects needed throughout a transaction — the more qualitative (or artistic) parts. All of which we consider Pacific Union”s “Fine Art.”

We consider every property that Pacific Union International lists or sells “Fine Art.” Consider the buyers acquiring their first home — an experience most of us will never forget. Regardless of price, condition, size or location — to each of us, that property represented much more than a roof over our heads. Or think about a seller that has lived for many years in a home where children have been raised, families have been nurtured and memories created. To that seller, that home is a masterpiece. At Pacific Union International, “The Fine Art of Fine Property” is more than a slogan, a marketing concept or words to take up space in our ads. To us it is our essence.
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